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Is your CV getting shortlisted when you apply for jobs???

If you are looking for a job, then it is very important that you understand how to offer yourself in the best way to an employer. In order to do so you need a professionally written CV (Curriculum Vitae)

Companies receive hundreds of CV/resumes for one job opening. However, only few are short listed for the interview. This short listing is done on the basis of your resume. On an average a CV will receive no more than 30 seconds initial consideration. So you only have 30 seconds to make an impact. To get someone to look at it longer, it must quickly convey your capabilities, competence and 'essence'.

We understand the difference between the scope of the resume of a Through Professional and that of a rookie.

With years of experience behind you, your resume should focus on your strategic capabilities & your business acumen. It should document how your presence had been valuable in driving the organization up the corporate success.

If you are applying for immigration, your CV is very crucial. You may have acquired your skills over the years from great institutions and companies however they may not be clearly understood from an inadequate CV. This can lead lead to rejection and a halt to your ambitions.

So no matter where you are located, allow our professional CV writers to compliment your seniority and vast experience with an equally distinguished resume.


Top interview Mistakes

Picture this: You’re a job candidate up for a role in a popular organization. You’ve got the experience and referrals, and you’ve even managed to land an interview. So, come interview time, you’re pretty confident about your chances. Weeks later, you still haven't heard from the interviewer or the company.

Despite your interview skills or level of experience, many candidates find themselves in a job search black hole. Although it’s easy to blame interviewers — after all, they may receive more than 100 applications per opening — you may be inadvertently raising some red flags.

Interviewers meet more people in an afternoon than most of us do in a year. Sometime we end up making mistake and we don’t even realize we made them.

Here are some interview tips will help you cover everything you need to know to successfully ace a job interview -

5 Interview Questions and Answers

Being shortlisted and called for an interview is a great feeling, but when preparing for an interview sometimes you may get stressed as it is a chance to show why you are better than the other(s) candidates. At times you may prepare thoroughly but when you get into the interview room, the interviewer may ask totally different questions and you end up getting nervous. There is no right answer for any questions; interviewers simply look at how best you answer the questions.

Below are some of the tricky questions that might be asked and how to respond to them in the best way possible;

Tell us how you handle stress?
This is a common interview question that an interviewer would ask to see how you manage yourself during stressful situations such as work/ home related conflicts and high pressure that can affect job performance. Attack this question first by explaining to the interviewer that you are not the kind of person who gets stressed very easily, however in the workplace, stress is likely to occur because of too much pressure from all over. You can give an example of a stressful work related situation that has ever occurred to you and how you handled it.

How To Select Right Company and Career?

Choosing a line from so many vivid options is really a tough job. The fear of choosing the wrong option is something that pulls us back and makes the choice difficult. However, if few factors are looked upon properly, one will find selecting a career and company quite easy. The First and foremost method is to have a well designed 'resume'.

If you have a well designed resume, making the choice will become easier. With a well written resume, all you need to do is follow certain steps, and you can make the best choice. First of all, you will have to select a career, and then only you can move towards company.

How to Select a Resume Writing Company

Your Resume is the most important document of your career, and a professional resume wring company can be a perfect solution to help you with your resume & assist you in your professional growth.

However, you must be very careful when selecting any resume writing company. There are many resume writing companies available online today, however most of them belong to freelancers, people working from home, are fake sites, sites ranking themselves as # 1  etc.

There are tons of traps and fake sites eagerly waiting to take orders and easily fool customers by providing a word document which may have a good layout, format and English, but miss the most important thing – it’s a RESUME and NOT some clerical document. Such clerical documents will not get you anywhere in the job market.

To avoid such companies, you can follow these 4 tips and select a professional resume writing company –


1. Identifying Freelancers/ working from home service providers –


Good CVs are The Only Solution to Tackling Logical Questions in Interviews

Have you ever attended any interview with so much hope but eventually failing to secure that job opportunity you badly needed? How did you feel and what was your reaction? Did you think of doing anything crazy? The answer is actually a big “Yes”. We have all engaged ourselves in one or two interviews, and if you haven’t, then one of these fine days you might find yourself locked up in one especially if you have just finished college. Being sincere, the interview experience is one that always leaves you with something to remember or talk about, and in particular, if you were not well set. The nagging questions, the tension, the quietness and intimidating interviewers all guarantee you trauma and distress. Therefore, there’s no doubt that abortive job interviews always leaves us with the “Why”, the “How” and the “What” rhetoric questions that will definitely have no answers. For example, we certainly find ourselves questioning our abilities, experience and competence. Am I actually well trained and capable to deliver? Why did they single out some individuals as being unqualified? Why me? Such questions relentlessly leave you troubled and upset, and if worst comes to worst, you might end up thinking of committing suicide because of low self esteem.


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