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Interview Rejections Decoded

There are many reasons for "why candidates fail in interviews" however surprisingly more than 70% of the candidates blame the employer for the rejection on the basis of some strange and bizarre assumptions. Some of these include - 

  • They must have already selected someone and are now just completing the formalities of taking interview for the rest of the candidates

  • I don’t think the interviewer or the employer knew what they were looking for

  • The interviewer was an idiot, he could not see my skills and experience

  • I think all my responses to questions were so good that the interviewer could not handle them

  • The interviewer I think had some personal issues with me

  • The interviewer was in a very bad mood, must have had a fight with his spouse

  • They must be taking bribes

Employers generally do not disclose the reason for rejection and this only adds to the list of assumptions. However, could these really be true? Could there actually be an issue with the employers?



Let’s look at the same problem from an employer’s perspective -

Top Interview Mistakes

Picture this: You’re a job candidate up for a role in a popular organization. You’ve got the experience and referrals, and you’ve even managed to land an interview. So, come interview time, you’re pretty confident about your chances. Weeks later, you still haven't heard from the interviewer or the company.

Despite your interview skills or level of experience, many candidates find themselves in a job search black hole. Although it’s easy to blame interviewers — after all, they may receive more than 100 applications per opening — you may be inadvertently raising some red flags.

Interviewers meet more people in an afternoon than most of us do in a year. Sometime we end up making mistake and we don’t even realize we made them.

Here are some interview tips will help you cover everything you need to know to successfully ace a job interview - 


How to Select a Resume Writing Company

Your Resume is the most important document of your career, and a professional resume wring company can be a perfect solution to help you with your resume & assist you in your professional growth.

However, you must be very careful when selecting any resume writing company. There are many resume writing companies available online today, however most of them belong to freelancers, people working from home, are fake sites, sites ranking themselves as # 1  etc.

There are tons of traps and fake sites eagerly waiting to take orders and easily fool customers by providing a word document which may have a good layout, format and English, but miss the most important thing – it’s a RESUME and NOT some clerical document. Such clerical documents will not get you anywhere in the job market.

To avoid such companies, you can follow these 4 tips and select a professional resume writing company –

Points You Should Negotiate When You Are Losing Your Job

You work for a company that has been going through a lot of changes and upheaval.  Word is going around about lay-offs and you worry you will be next. If you’ve been an exemplary employee and the lay-off is not because of anything you’ve done, be sure you ask these three questions as you are being handed your Pink Slip:

1.    Ask for a Letter of Reference. You can use this to help you land that new job because it will be beneficial to have a letter that praises you and your accomplishments.  This will show future employers that your termination was a business decision and not because of any wrong-doing on your part. Most people forget to ask about this, and it is difficult to try to go back later and ask for one.

5 Interview Questions and Answers

Being shortlisted and called for an interview is a great feeling, but when preparing for an interview sometimes you may get stressed as it is a chance to show why you are better than the other(s) candidates. At times you may prepare thoroughly but when you get into the interview room, the interviewer may ask totally different questions and you end up getting nervous. There is no right answer for any questions; interviewers simply look at how best you answer the questions.

Below are some of the tricky questions that might be asked and how to respond to them in the best way possible;

Tell us how you handle stress?
This is a common interview question that an interviewer would ask to see how you manage yourself during stressful situations such as work/ home related conflicts and high pressure that can affect job performance. Attack this question first by explaining to the interviewer that you are not the kind of person who gets stressed very easily, however in the workplace, stress is likely to occur because of too much pressure from all over. You can give an example of a stressful work related situation that has ever occurred to you and how you handled it.

3 Job Search Tips That Increase Your Success

1) Approach finding a job as if it were a full-time job, because it is. If you had a job, you would report to work at the same time each day (like 8 am), take an hour (or less) for lunch, and quit at the same time each day (like 5 pm). You would work five days every week. And you would work hard to accomplish as much as you could because your career depended upon it.

When you are searching for a job, you should follow the same type of schedule because your future depends upon it.
Treating your job search like a part-time hobby guarantees that it will take longer.

So, begin tomorrow by reporting to work and spending the day on tasks that lead to a job.

Importance of a CV Writing Expert !!!

Resume writing is part and parcel of anyone seeking a job in any profession. The resume is considered the only tool to advertising yourself to employers during a job search. The task of writing the CV is very involving. It requires one to invest time and effort so as to have a perfect CV. This is because there are a lot of requirements that one must adhere to so as to have a curriculum vitae that is up to standard.

There are two methods that one can use to ensure that their resume is good. If you are confident in doing it yourself then it is advisable to do so. Some people are not confident in resume writing and thus they contract the services of a professional to do it. Other people will ask the people around them to assist them in writing the resume. The professionals are usually individuals or companies with experience in the field. They know exactly what to put in the CV to make it attractive to employers. These people have worked in organizations in the interviewing panel for a number of years. They know exactly what will be looked at by the interviewing panel.  They are the best to contract in case you want your resume to be written.

5 Tips to Prepare for that First ‘Real’ Job Interview

Imagine this. A set of 6-7 well turned out, straight faced people sitting in an interview panel noticing each word you blurt, noticing every move of yours and enjoying your nervousness to every bit. This is enough a situation for anybody to get a fits of conculsion. But if you are smart enough and have done your homework properly, it is agreed that you will create a lasting impression on your interviewers. Here are five tips-

  1. Dress code. Dress up formally. Dress up smartly. These are the two mantras. There are offices which are quite conservative and they demand you to dress up in the most formal ways. And there are industries like retail where you have some freedom to experiment. A pair of sneakers or baggy denims is just no-no in an interview. Since you are unaware of the people in the interview panel, it is suggested that you play-it-safe.

7 Reasons To Search Online For Your Next Job


Gone are the days when job searches meant sitting with classified page of newspaper and a morning cup of tea. Internet has opened a plethora of opportunities for job seekers seeking jobs across various profiles and across various locational preferences. Here are the 7 most crucial reasons for searching jobs online.

    1. Information readily available -  The best reason for applying online is the instant availability of the information regarding the particular company and the particular job opening. You can explore the company website online.  In the search engine you can put company's name and current opening. You can apply to a particular company through their online job opportunity form also.

10 Career Change Myths

We carry a lot of myths regarding a change in career. These myths hold us from dreaming. Let's find out the 10 career change myths.

Career Myth #1: You ought to have a "Practical" Career in order to Make a Living.

This myth that you cannot make a living by doing something that you are passionate about is deep rooted, though false. This myth roots from the fear of exploring the lesser known areas of jobs and drawing a respectable living from them. There are lesser known careers like coaching which people are passionately taking up and earning great.

Career Myth #2: Job Market is Tough.

The moment we hear words like economic downturn or slow economic growth, we start fearing that there will be lesser opportunities and hence finding a job would be difficult. This is a myth. with globalization, the market has opened up. In this open market, the economy keeps changing. How we shift jobs have changed  and also the hiring practices have changed. Just that we are not able to maintain pace with the fast changing scenario that we fear our jobs. So, adapt to the change and plunge forward. Jobs are plenty.


5 Ways You Can be Prepared When Facing a Job Loss

The most dreaded piece of paper in any office is the pink-slip. You have heard the rumors around that your company is in for some merger or take over and that you fear a lay-off. You panic what to do. Here’s 5 ways you can be prepared to take control of your financial situation.

    1. Look at your monthly budget. Scan it properly. Can you trim it some where? Split your expenses into fixed and variables. Fixed expenses is that part of your expenses which has to happen every month like your monthly house rent, your kids school fees, your house hold helper salary etc. Variable expenses can be monthly grocery or taxi fare or expenses on entertainment. If possible, trim your variable expenses so that it covers up the loss.

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