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How To Select Right Company and Career?

Choosing a line from so many vivid options is really a tough job. The fear of choosing the wrong option is something that pulls us back and makes the choice difficult. However, if few factors are looked upon properly, one will find selecting a career and company quite easy. The First and foremost method is to have a well designed 'resume'.



If you have a well designed resume, making the choice will become easier. With a well written resume, all you need to do is follow certain steps, and you can make the best choice. First of all, you will have to select a career, and then only you can move towards company.

Putting Down Your Papers is Not Hard

When we make an exit from one company to another, either we feel elated or we face emotional farewell. We move ahead in life for better prospects most of the times. People admit that they find exit announcements quite hard. They fear that their announcement will not be taken in the right spirit. They also feel guilty of leaving a company and thus leaving behind many unhappy souls. If you want your exit from a company to be graceful with prospects of revisiting the company in future, get tips on how to resign your job with professionalism and pride.

1. Notice Period - Serve the full notice period as was mentioned in your agreement.  Plan accordingly.

What to do Before an Interview?


The question that strikes our mind before our scheduled interview is 'What to do now?' If you too are facing the same problem, do not worry. It is the case with all those who are either facing their first interview, or are scared of being rejected in that particular interview. Worrying before an interview seems quite natural. After a lot of striving efforts, one gets shortlisted for an interview. A slight error, and all the efforts you made will be in vain.


Well, the best way to be safe; rather, the best thing to do before your interview will be preparation of your 'resume'. You might be wondering why preparation of resume is important. It is important and that is why every applicant is asked to either submit their resume beforehand or bring a copy of their resume on the day of their interview.

10 Hot Tips On How To Cope With The Prospect Of Redundancy


The decade of 70's and 80's had seen stable jobs wherein people used to join a company at the age of 20-21 and leave it only at the retirement age. Today the scenario is completely changed. One can realistically anticipate 3-4 job changes in the workable time span of an individual. Anticipating also connotes that individuals are usually prepared for such a change otherwise what hits most is the redundancy. Once shoved to redundancy people feel that their world has crashed in front of them and they are not able to take control of the situation. They feel cheated as they had given their precious years to an organization and at the end they were tagged as redundant. No matter how much we think about it, it is a reality and if faced to redundancy we have to deal with it.

Here are 10 tips on how to cope with the prospect of redundancy.


Work - Life Balance -You must keep a balance between your work and your personal life. Both are equally important for an individual as a balance will keep you at peace and motivated to look forward in life.

Get Effective Resume to Enhance Chances of Selection


A resume basically demonstrates the skills and abilities that you posses and how those skills and abilities can be useful for the job. In other words, resume basically denotes whether one is eligible for the job or not. Thus, it becomes extremely important to frame up your resume in such a way that it reflects your positive abilities and makes you competent for the job you apply for.


Many of us believe that we can frame up our own resumes, and that too quite well. In that belief, we often make mistakes in our resumes, resulting in loss of jobs. Our resume creates our first impression in front of the employers and thus, it is very important that our first impression should be impressive and influencing.

Importance of Cover Letter


Have you ever wondered the criteria employers or interviewers use to select their employees from a bunch of applicants? Or have you ever thought why most applicants who attach cover letters to their resumes before sending are always given the first priority when selection is done? If you haven’t then this paper will be much relevant to you since it will fervently answer your questions thus informing you on what to do the next time you apply for a job. If you are totally green on what is involved then the paper will also offer you with relevant skills required in writing better cover letters that will guarantee you employment.


To begin with, if I’m not wrong, everyone has obviously written an application letter or resume or both at least once in a lifetime. You might have been either seeking for a job somewhere, requesting to be admitted to some institution or just applying for unsolicited jobs. One thing is for sure, we both have at one time failed to secure the jobs we badly needed or we even never got any feedback from the applications we made. It’s also very true that some of us have been blindly writing these cover letters without actually knowing the essence of doing so, and with some luck, we have been able to meet our goals. We as well have to admit that resume writing in USA has become a necessity especially when applying for jobs in bigger organization hence the need to better our cover letter writing skills. But to be able to write better and informed cover letters, we have first to understand what they are and what is required in writing them.

Tips to Stay Connected Post Retirement

The biggest fear that people usually have about retired life is the feeling of aloofness and seclusion. In order to remain active and socially connected, you have to willingly put forth a little effort. Read to find  ways to remain connected during retirement.

  1. Keep in touch - Keep in touch with old colleagues and friends. You have spent quite a number of  years working together. You are close to them and they know what makes you happy or sad. So make an effort to stay in touch with such colleagues. Meet up for dinner or call them home. Spend some happy hours together. Give a call to them once in a while. This way you will remain abreast with the current world and hence connected.

  2. Socialize - Apart from ex-colleagues, you can make effort to create meaningful relationships with your relatives, your neighbors and your friends. Now when you have lots of time, utilize it to the fullest in activities you could not pursue due to your office hours.

Good CVs are The Only Solution to Tackling Logical Questions in Interviews

Have you ever attended any interview with so much hope but eventually failing to secure that job opportunity you badly needed? How did you feel and what was your reaction? Did you think of doing anything crazy? The answer is actually a big “Yes”. We have all engaged ourselves in one or two interviews, and if you haven’t, then one of these fine days you might find yourself locked up in one especially if you have just finished college. Being sincere, the interview experience is one that always leaves you with something to remember or talk about, and in particular, if you were not well set. The nagging questions, the tension, the quietness and intimidating interviewers all guarantee you trauma and distress. Therefore, there’s no doubt that abortive job interviews always leaves us with the “Why”, the “How” and the “What” rhetoric questions that will definitely have no answers. For example, we certainly find ourselves questioning our abilities, experience and competence. Am I actually well trained and capable to deliver? Why did they single out some individuals as being unqualified? Why me? Such questions relentlessly leave you troubled and upset, and if worst comes to worst, you might end up thinking of committing suicide because of low self esteem.


10 Tips to Become a Blue-Eyed Boy of Boss

Are you among those who work hard in office yet go unnoticed by bosses. On the other hand your colleague is just ok with his job but is a blue-eyed boy to bosses. What is that sets both of you apart. To be successful you need more than sheer hard work. You need recognition from your boss.


Here are 10 tips to be a blue-eyed boy of your boss.


1. Adorn a Pleasing Personality - A pleasing personality is liked by all. Be courteous and gentle. Show a smiling face to everybody. Adorn a caring attitude. Don't be irritable and peevish. Also exude good manners.


2. Keep Away from Grapevines and Gossips - No matter however tempting the gossip might sound to you, always refrain from being a party to it. Keep your ears open and listen everything but refrain from spreading it or sharing it with anybody. You never know who spills the beans on you and when you land in trouble. So the best policy is to keep mouth shut.



If going  to office everyday in the morning does not excite you and you want to be your own boss then being a work from home entrepreneur is just for you. Sitting at home and carrying  your business requires a lot and the first thing that is needed is a strong networking. Here are a few tips to help you polish your networking skills.

1. Your Board of Directors

Once you have scanned the market and you have zeroed down to one particular line of business, you require a team to work with you. You require experienced and qualified people to appreciate your efforts and compliment your efforts with their innovative ideas. Sometimes they will see the best in you which you might be oblivion to. To have your own board of directors, you can think to network with almost anybody you feel  apt for your business. There is a theory of six degrees which says that any two people in this world are separated by not more than five connections between them. That means there are not more than five connected people between two unknown people. So with this first networking theory, expand your network.


4 Creative Ways To Find A Job

You may have posted your resume to every internet job board and every job on Naukri, Monster, USAjobs, CareerBuilder, and HotJobs. You’ve already called, networked and have exhausted all your resources. You take the daily newspaper every morning and applied to every job but with no outcome.

Well, try some unique ways to find a job -  

Send Half of Your Resume
Shortlist the companies that you would like to join. Write a great cover letter targeting the job opening you are interested in and point towards the enclosed resume. Don’t seal the envelope and don’t enclose a resume. They’ll assume the resume fell out during the mailing process. They will call and engage in a conversation. Sell yourself shamelessly.

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