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Executive Job Search: 3 Jobseeking Ways to Find a Job Faster

Got a difficult problem in your job search? Say, a lack of networking contacts? Or trouble answering interview questions? Well, you've got company. Problems in a job search are as common as mosquitoes in July. But ... have you ever written your problem down on a piece of paper? I'll bet you haven't. Because, when you write problems down, you take an immediate, huge leap towards solving them. Think about it: Every great invention or solution, from the atomic bomb to the Xbox, was first worked out on paper. Why not solve your employment problems the same way? Here's a three-step method that will help you do it ...



"Take This Job and Shove It" is a Country Song NOT a Best Practice

"Find a job you like and you add five days to every week." -H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

Sometimes it's an easy choice to leave a company. However, one of the most important choices that you can make in your career is to leave your current employer in the right way. Like any other relationship, there are faults and virtues with every company. At the end of a relationship, people tend to focus on the faults. BREAKING UP IS HARD TO DO When you leave a company, it is like breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Regardless of how you do it, there will still be emotions. The longer the relationship, the deeper the feelings. Keep this in mind during the separation. People express their emotions in different ways so be prepared to respond with compassion. IT'S A SMALL WORLD, I've learned first hand not to burn bridges.

5 Career Opportunities with Nursing Degree

Medical Profession has always attracted a wide pool of work force.It is estimated that by 2014,3.6 million new jobs will be created for those in medical profession and 60% of these jobs will be made available to people with nursing degrees and diplomas. Apart from the heavy demand for registered nurses, there will be increased demand for physician's assistant, certified nursing assistants and nurse practitioners.

According to a report only abut 60% of registered nurses work in the hospitals. A nursing career is such a versatile career that it opens up a bundle of opportunities in other related sectors as well. Also about 20% of the nursing workforce are the people who take up a second inning by pursuing nursing as a career. Read to find out some of the opportunities available with a nursing degree.

6 to 20% employers look up your social networking page

We are aware that the social networking sites like orkut and facebook are for socializing and business networking. We are even aware of the fact that people use these sites as a promotional tool for their respective businesses. But did we ever thought these sites can become a scrutinizing criteria in our next job interview. Are you taken by a surprise? Read below.

An increasing number of recruiters screen  their potential  fresh recruits by actually finding about the candidate through their social networking sites. Recruiters gauge their social circle and references. They get an air of the personality of the candidate, attitude of the candidate and view of the candidate be it political or apolitical.

More and more college graduates are aware of this trend. Most of them close their networking sites before their first job interview. Job seekers are conscious of what they put into the online world. Even they are conscious of the emails they write as that can also be forwarded.

Recruiters use online networking of the candidates  primarily to check the references of the prospective employee, yet the young population is quite uncomfortable about it. The very thought that some body might be following them  keeps them quite conservative of the online navigation. They feel restricted in the online sphere.

With this new trend, the b-school professors advice their students on how to navigate the online world and what to put in their social networking sites. They also suggest students on creating their blog pages so that recruiters  have a positive image of the students.

According to a survey about 70% of the surveyed students said they continue to post the same things they always did even though recruiters might be watching their social networking sites. During the same survey when recruiters were asked about their strategy, about 20% confessed that they investigated the new recruits by visiting their social networking sites.

This trend of scanning the fresh recruits through their social networking sites is picking up. It depends on the individual whether they want to be conscious of this attempt by recruiters or play a deaf ear to them.


Best of luck,

If Your Resume is the Cake, Your Cover Letter is the Icing

A Cover letter  is almost as important  as your resume. The cover letter accompanies the resume at all times as the primary support document. Whether you use traditional mail, email, faxing, or another type of electronic submission, this should always be sent with the resume. There are, of course, other tools you’ll use when job seeking. Your cover letter and resume come first of course, followed by follow-up letters, thank-you letters for after the interview, reference sheets, salary histories, and job acceptance letters. If you have a good cover letter and a good resume, the other written tools should be a snap to compose. Your goal in this is to get the attention of the hiring manager, just as it is with your resume.




What do recruiters look for in prospective employees? This was the question that was asked  in a career discussion forum. Logically, for each unique position, the  answers to this particular question would vary. However there are certain skill sets which are common and employers look for these particular skills irrespective of the candidate being a software engineer or a fashion designer.

Skill Sets that Impress the  Employers.

1. Read, Write and Calculate.


This is true. Employers look whether the candidate has the basic skill sets of reading, writing and calculating in place. They prefer their candidates to be sound in arithmetic and be able to carry out simple arithmetical functions mentally. Also the candidate ought to be a computer literate. These skills ensure that the candidate will easily grasp and learn new things as will be directed by his employers.

6 Ways to Pinpoint Your Perfect Career

Have you wondered how much of our time we spend in our offices? Nearly one third of our time is spent in the office if sleep hours is to be excluded. That is a huge time and definitely anybody would love to spend the time spent in office qualitatively and productively. But alas, boredom does strike many of us for a shear reason that we do not love our current job and career. If you feel dissatisfied with your current job and career, read on 6 tips for finding out an ideal career.


    1. Churn your mind- this is a very effective tool. First take a sheet of paper and write your objective in the question form. The objective can be like what should I be doing ten years hence or what should I do to earn and enjoy a lot? Then list down twenty answers to your question. This will take a lot of brain storming. But do not relax till you get the twenty answers. You can take this exercise every day till you find your cherished answer.

Necessary components to Resume Writing !!!

If you are serious to get a job interview, the most basic requirement is a good resume with you. If your resume is not attractive then you may miss excellent career opportunities in your inbox. Here are few basic resume components required to work in your favour.

Why effective resume writing is mandatory for job seekers...

A poorly written resume does not attract the attention of the reviewer. It may also decrease the chances of being hired by any reputed organization. Also a resume should always be customized in a professional tone otherwise it may not be working in your favour. Resume writing is an art. If it is well organized then it is easy for the reviewer to focus on certain areas. Poorly organized resume may irritate the interviewer and leaves a bad impression on him.

8 Resume Editing Tips

Are you baffled with the number of times you bring changes in your resume  and yet you are not being called by the recruiters?  Learn how a well crafted resume can help you land in a desirable job. The following 8 tips will ensure that you have a quality work in your hand to offer the recruiters.

  1. Spell Check and Grammar - Once you finish typing the document, use spell check function for spelling errors and use grammar function for checking grammars. Take a print out and read each word to be doubly sure.

  2. Capitalization - If capitalization rules is not your cup of tea, then it is advisable to use a manual like Gregg Reference Manual.

New Job Blues ... Now What?

You’ve landed what you thought was the job of your dreams. Each stage of the interview went smoothly - you sold them on your skills and expertise, and your prospective boss sold you on the position and benefits of joining the company. He/she seemed excited about extending an offer. And then, with offer in hand, it was thrilling to give your notice (or tell your friends you’re finally employed after a long stint of unemployment!). All seemed right with the world. You’ve now been on board a few days… a week… perhaps even a month. Suddenly you’re not so sure you’ve made the right decision. The job that seemed like a dream is starting to feel like a nightmare.

Perhaps the position isn’t what you thought it would be; it’s either too narrow, too broad, not challenging enough, or more of a stretch than you imagined. Maybe the company isn’t measuring up. Or, perhaps your boss isn’t the caring, supportive mentor you thought he/she would be. In a state of confusion, you wonder what you should do. Stick it out? For how long? Leave? Then what?


Five-Step Guide to Finding Your First Job

Whether you're about to start your first career, or you've gone back to school to pursue a new one, finding your first job in any field is a big step.

This 5-step guide can help you organize your job search, identify the best opportunities and pursue them as efficiently as possible:

  1. Self-Assessment:- Your degree can probably be used to pursue a variety of careers, so you need to decide which jobs will be rewarding for you. Figuring out where your passions lie and what will make you happy is key. Common mistake: Assessing the job market, identifying fields with the most opportunities, and focusing on those. Instead, ask yourself, "What skills do I have? What makes me feel successful?" Use those answers to point your job search in the right direction.

  2. Start researching and get networking:- The key to finding the right job is knowing where to look and how to network. Search job boards, go to trade websites in your field of interest, attend job fairs, visit company websites to look for job postings, and contact human resources departments at companies you'd like to work for. Also, don't forget to network. The people you know — and the people they know — are some of your best resources for finding a great job and gaining important industry insights.

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