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Test: are you accessing the hidden job market?

Every week we hear about employers turning away hundreds, if not thousands of applicants for each role they have. Registering on job boards and applying to well publicised adverts is fine, but it has never been more important to be able to access the hidden job market.

It makes sense to step back and double check your job hunting activity. This may require tackling uncomfortable truths but will lead you to understand how to access the elusive hidden job market.

Take the content of your CV and cut it in half

Intelligent and articulate communication should use few and wisely chosen words. That’s why we strongly suggest taking your newly updated CV and cutting the content in half.

Even if you listened to other advice and kept your CV to 2 (or max 3) pages, this should still be an invaluable exercise. We’re not suggesting you write a 1 page CV but instead be ruthless about what is included and work harder to generate content employers will want to see.

Not many job seekers go this extra yard, so in doing so you give yourself a grand chance of success.

Do you respond to adverts or hunt for opportunities?

Barely a week goes by without a new award for the ‘best’, ‘most socially responsible’ or ‘diverse’ (etc) employer to work for. Yet it seems the same 10 employers win all the awards.  No disrespect to PwC or HSBC for being recognised for their latest innovative campaign, but truth-be-told I tend to stop reading once I see a big brand. I feel like I’ve heard it all before.

As a job-seeker what I’d really like to hear about are the innovative businesses that operate without multi-million pound advertising / PR / recruitment budgets. The best part of job seeking should be looking for companies that relate to your interests. The problem with job boards and the internet is the biggest companies have the loudest and often most visual voices.

Is your recruitment consultant your trusted advisor?

This may seem a little strange but developing a close relationship with a recruitment consultant could be one of the best uses of time in your career.

Over the years I’ve met a number of directors who regularly seek careers advice from and place a huge emphasis on the relationship with a particular recruitment consultant. These are smart individuals and they know the value of having a good consultant on their side.

Photograph : BBC

Just as Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford are Alan Sugar’s formidable aides on The Apprentice, the truth is your recruitment consultant could be your best careers advisor.

No beating around the Bush with body language

Little unintentional signals can be interpreted by your interviewer to make you seem like the real deal OR the imposter. If you’ve had body language coaching and been encouraged to always adopt one particular style – think again.

We all know that despite Tony Blair claiming to stand shoulder to shoulder with George W Bush for example, we often witnessed shots of him looking uncomfortable, being ushered into aeroplanes and doorways by the far more assertive President Bush. He was clearly number two to the US rooster in this particular pecking order.

Things you should know about your interviewer

The term ‘know your customer’ is often used by people in the workplace. For example, IT staff need to ask questions to understand exactly what the colleague in HR really wants. Sales people must get to know what makes their current or potential clients tick. You can apply this logic to every job in any organisation.

When it comes to interviewing it is essential to ‘know your customer’ – i.e. the interviewer.

So, what’s likely to be on your interviewer’s mind before, during and after the interview? Let’s consider the case of our fictitious but typical interviewer - Abigail:

Top 10 graduate schemes with a difference

Finding all the classic graduate schemes uninspiring? Find yourself thinking you want a job working for an company? Have faith – if you dig around there are plenty of options and many are still recruiting.

We’ve picked out 10 of our favourites to get you going in UK. Put simply, these are the jobs I wish I knew about when I graduated many moons ago!

  1. GCHQ: One of the three government intelligence agencies (alongside Mi5 & Mi6), GCHQ provides the vital information for field operations combating terrorism, organised crime, economic well-being and other issues of national security. You will see technology and information being used for very real situations. Plenty of opportunities for graduates. Click here for details.

5 tips for a killer interview

Excelling in a tough interview is difficult. Often people shy away, believing the lucky few who have the gift of the gab are the ones who perform better in interview. The reality is interviewees who prepare intelligently and put in sheer hard work are the ones who perform well. The famous acronym – Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance (PPPP) – is famous for a very good reason: it works!

If you search in Google for “Interview preparation” you will see a wealth of advice from a huge range of sources. We’ve scanned tens of these sites and used our collective experience and found there are only 5 rules you need to remember in interview planning:

How online networking can help you land a job

Confused or cynical about using social networking sites to get a job? Please read this.......

If you are then you’re not in the minority. 70% of the students surveyed would not want employers viewing their social networking profiles. “Is it ethical”, “why do this” and “who’s really using this” you may ask.

Ethics can be debated all day long, the fact is job seekers and professionals are using these sites to make more contacts, new opportunities and get headhunted. In the world of work you are now conspicuous by your absence on professional social networking sites.

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