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How to Select a Resume Writing Company
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How to Select a Resume Writing Company

Your Resume is the most important document of your career, and a professional resume wring company can be a perfect solution to help you with your resume & assist you in your professional growth.

However, you must be very careful when selecting any resume writing company. There are many resume writing companies available online today, however most of them belong to freelancers, people working from home, are fake sites, sites ranking themselves as # 1  etc.

There are tons of traps and fake sites eagerly waiting to take orders and easily fool customers by providing a word document which may have a good layout, format and English, but miss the most important thing – it’s a RESUME and NOT some clerical document. Such clerical documents will not get you anywhere in the job market.

To avoid such companies, you can follow these 4 tips and select a professional resume writing company –

1. Identifying Freelancers/ working from home service providers –

Most of you would be thinking why is working with freelancers or with people working from home such a big problem?

Well, a professional resume requires deep market research to understand what expertise, experiences, skills, abilities etc employers are looking for in the job market and then bridging your capabilities and experiences to their job description (using real facts & achievements). It also has an efficient usage of keywords so that your profile shows on top search results when searched by employers/ recruitment agencies.

This can be done only if the Resume Writing Company is Well Connected with the job market.

It would be difficult for any freelancer or working from home personnel to have access to such researched data as it is time consuming and not available easily. Also, most of these freelancers have their “day jobs” and write resume only part time. Therefore your resume is not their priority; it is just a source of an additional income. So you end up paying them but do not get what you want.



To avoid such freelancers,

  1. Check if their website “contact us” page has a physical address or is it just a contact form with an email address

  2. Is there a fixed landline number or cell phone number

  3. Does the landline number connect when you call

  4. Check on the site if there are alternate contact numbers (a legitimate company would most likely have more than one landline number and address)



2. How old is the company –


Domain expertise comes with time; there is no short cut to it. A Sales Resume (for example) is good or not can be judged by an individual who has Sales domain expertise or by a qualified HR who has been closely associated with such profiles. This is true for any domain and you must not take chances if the company/writer does not have the domain expertise. A resume writing Company builds such expertise over years and not in few months. Therefore it is important to know how long they have been in the business.


To avoid such newly started companies –


  1. Visit or any who-is website and check the “Creation date” of the domain (website name). The creation date would tell you how old the website is, thus how old the company is

  2. There are many other sites like which can tell you how old the website is



3.Speak before placing the order –


Call the number listed on the website and speak to the company representative before making any payment. Gauge their expertise; ask about the writer’s profile and if they are qualified enough; be blunt and ask if the work is outsourced to freelancers who work on ready made templates. Place the order only when you are convinced.



4. Understand the whole process and the services provided


Take the time to understand the whole process, how long does it take, how many revisions are allowed (A Resume is never first time perfect, it has it undergo revisions/ iterations before the CV is finalized), would there be any discussions with the writer etc.



Being cautious, proactive can assist you in selecting the right resume writing company.



An additional point to think about - The Resume Distribution service


Many companies today offer a resume distribution service wherein your resume is sent to thousands of placements firms and executive search firms.

But think about this - if 50 job seekers order such a service in a day, it would mean each placement firm receiving 20-50 resumes per day - would such daily emails land in their inbox or spam folder?

Also, the job description is sent by the employer to many placement firms and uploaded on many portals. Now is it NOT easier for the placement firm to login to 2-3 most popular portals (which have a very large jobseeker data base) and search resumes as per their “freshness”. These portals have smart search engines and allow these placement firms to search with keywords, resume freshness, locations, years of experience etc, compared to searching for candidates from Email folders or a folder with all the CVs dumped on their systems?

So Think Twice, Call and Discuss this resume distribution service with the company before ordering it. It may not yield the result that you may expect.





A good resume with the right keywords, uploaded on top 2-3 job portals, checked regularly by logging in frequently (being active) can actually do the trick. Employers will find you directly or via placement/executive search firms because they too need the BEST candidate. All you need is a good resume and a good professional resume writing company can do that for you.

A Resume must bridge the capabilities and past experience of the customer with the desired jobs/roles available in the job market, other wise it’s not a Resume.


Best of luck,

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