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5 Interview Questions and Answers
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5 Interview Questions and Answers

Being shortlisted and called for an interview is a great feeling, but when preparing for an interview sometimes you may get stressed as it is a chance to show why you are better than the other(s) candidates. At times you may prepare thoroughly but when you get into the interview room, the interviewer may ask totally different questions and you end up getting nervous. There is no right answer for any questions; interviewers simply look at how best you answer the questions.

Below are some of the tricky questions that might be asked and how to respond to them in the best way possible;

Tell us how you handle stress?
This is a common interview question that an interviewer would ask to see how you manage yourself during stressful situations such as work/ home related conflicts and high pressure that can affect job performance. Attack this question first by explaining to the interviewer that you are not the kind of person who gets stressed very easily, however in the workplace, stress is likely to occur because of too much pressure from all over. You can give an example of a stressful work related situation that has ever occurred to you and how you handled it.


If something that was not planned happens during your day, tell us how you would deal with it?
This is a behavioral question that the interviewer is asking to see if you possess organizational skills.  Since emergencies are inevitable, you can answer to question in a way that will show that you can manage to multi-task when your schedule is affected and also be able to deliver. Explain to them how you would sort a particular task and the outcome successfully. Display a structured approach for task prioritization like effort-impact analysis, opportunity-threat analysis  etc

What are the major challenges and problems that you are likely to experience in this job and how would you overcome them?
This is a very testing question that you might think is easy. Let the interviewer know that you understand that every new job has some challenges and you would do your best to succeed. The interviewer does not want to hear unrealistic solutions that would take a miracle to handle the challenges.  Give an example - like challenges of getting to learn the huge number of policies of the organization which are very different from your previous organization and how you intend to cope up with them.

Do you think you are the right person for this job?
This is a question the interviewer would ask to see if you can be sell yourself. They want to see if you are confident about yourself and you are right for the job. Show the interviewer that you have the skills and the qualifications necessary to perform this job. Makse sure you have gone through the job description atleast twice before the interview and use examples from the job description to bridge your capabilities & expereince to it.

What did you not like about your previous job?
Do not be very negative about your previous job or employer.  It is important to state the positive side of your previous employer and make it look like you are the one who is looking for a new role or challenge and you want to maximize your potential which you can achieve this in the new company you are interviewing at. Make the interview see that you have a lot of skills that you are still to be utilized.


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