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Tips to Stay Connected Post Retirement
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Tips to Stay Connected Post Retirement

The biggest fear that people usually have about retired life is the feeling of aloofness and seclusion. In order to remain active and socially connected, you have to willingly put forth a little effort. Read to find  ways to remain connected during retirement.

  1. Keep in touch - Keep in touch with old colleagues and friends. You have spent quite a number of  years working together. You are close to them and they know what makes you happy or sad. So make an effort to stay in touch with such colleagues. Meet up for dinner or call them home. Spend some happy hours together. Give a call to them once in a while. This way you will remain abreast with the current world and hence connected.

  2. Socialize - Apart from ex-colleagues, you can make effort to create meaningful relationships with your relatives, your neighbors and your friends. Now when you have lots of time, utilize it to the fullest in activities you could not pursue due to your office hours.


  3. Spouse, my friend- Your spouse is the one who was neglected the most during your job. Now is the time to rekindle the romance and your relation. Pick up some common interests and both of you pursue it together.

  4. Create a social network - It can be a yoga group or a morning joggers group or any social service organization. You will meet these people on a daily basis and definitely you will strike a chord somewhere.

  5. Enroll in clubs - Depending on your interest area, you can join a club. Here you will meet like-minded people with whom you could enjoy and have a good time together.

  6. Participate in voluntary community service - This will not only keep you engaged, but would also ensure a peace of mind. you will be happy to give back something to the society. Spread awareness among people for various Noble causes and help underprivileged.

  7. Re-educate - There is no age for gaining knowledge and learning something new. You will also meet people with whom you would be able to share your hard earned knowledge.

  8. Pursue hobbies - Join some hobby clubs. interact with others and thus be happy and spread happiness. Remember retirement is not the end of life. It is a second chance to live and to enjoy.

Best of luck,

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