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Putting Down Your Papers is Not Hard
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Putting Down Your Papers is Not Hard

When we make an exit from one company to another, either we feel elated or we face emotional farewell. We move ahead in life for better prospects most of the times. People admit that they find exit announcements quite hard. They fear that their announcement will not be taken in the right spirit. They also feel guilty of leaving a company and thus leaving behind many unhappy souls. If you want your exit from a company to be graceful with prospects of revisiting the company in future, get tips on how to resign your job with professionalism and pride.

1. Notice Period - Serve the full notice period as was mentioned in your agreement.  Plan accordingly.

2. Do Not Entertain Previous Company - Once you have served the notice period required for your smooth transition, do not accept work related calls from your previous company. If at all they need your assistance, offer them to work as an outside consultant. Keep your new job your focal point.


3. Policies regarding Disclosures and other Agreements - Go through carefully to your both present and future company policies regarding disclosures. Strictly abide with them.


4. Resign in Person - as far as possible, resign in person and resign to your boss. Let yur boss be the first person to know about your resignation before anybody else.


5. Expect Professionalism - Once you break the news of your exit, expect the boss to be professional. Do not feel dubious motive for their action and follow his commands with the right spirit. A good boss is always happy to see his team doing good and progressing. Leave a thank you note for him on your last day of work in the previous organization.


6. Thank Everybody
Leave your previous company on a happy note. Thank everybody including your boss and subordinates. You will surely meet a few of them again in your career. Maintain a good will with them. They will help you by being strong references.


7. Exit Interview
You do not have to spill the beans on somebody during your exit interview. It is a mere formality so be positive and talk good. A misinterpreted comment might land you in some trouble or might distort your hard built network.

With these tips feel confident and happy next time you put across your resignation.

Best of luck,

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