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10 Tips to Become a Blue-Eyed Boy of Boss
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10 Tips to Become a Blue-Eyed Boy of Boss

Are you among those who work hard in office yet go unnoticed by bosses. On the other hand your colleague is just ok with his job but is a blue-eyed boy to bosses. What is that sets both of you apart. To be successful you need more than sheer hard work. You need recognition from your boss.


Here are 10 tips to be a blue-eyed boy of your boss.


1. Adorn a Pleasing Personality - A pleasing personality is liked by all. Be courteous and gentle. Show a smiling face to everybody. Adorn a caring attitude. Don't be irritable and peevish. Also exude good manners.


2. Keep Away from Grapevines and Gossips - No matter however tempting the gossip might sound to you, always refrain from being a party to it. Keep your ears open and listen everything but refrain from spreading it or sharing it with anybody. You never know who spills the beans on you and when you land in trouble. So the best policy is to keep mouth shut.


3. Update Your Knowledge and Skill Sets - With constant innovation, technology and techniques are fast changing and you need to be abreast with these changes. So keep on updating your skills and knowledge through trainings, seminars or workshops.


4. Know Your Job - Know your part of the duties and responsibilities and also know how your job is contributing to the business of the organization. Know all your facts and figures. While attending any meeting with your seniors, always be ready with the numbers. It creates a positive impression.


5. Listen to Others - Listen patiently to others. Know if they have some knowledge to share with you. Always be greedy for knowledge. Do not restrict yourself to any department, learn whatever and from wherever you can. It will definitely help you in the long run.

6. Dependable - Let people know that you are quite dependable and they can rely on you. Share extra burden of your colleagues and offer a lending hand to those in need. Be a god team player.

7. Spread Good Practice - Always be punctual and disciplined. Show a respect for office belongings and obey the rules. Motivate others to practice the same.

8. Draw a Line Between Personal and Professional Life - Always be in control of your emotions and keep your personal and professional life separate. Look calm and stable yet energetic.

9. Be Organized - Be vary organized and methodical in your work. Keep your work station clutter free. Keep all the files methodically so that in your absence, if needed, anybody can find out what is required.

10. Be approachable - Be approachable to others. Do not be snobbish. Stand tall and be stylish and poised.

Best of luck,

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