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Good CVs are The Only Solution to Tackling Logical Questions in Interviews
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Good CVs are The Only Solution to Tackling Logical Questions in Interviews

Have you ever attended any interview with so much hope but eventually failing to secure that job opportunity you badly needed? How did you feel and what was your reaction? Did you think of doing anything crazy? The answer is actually a big “Yes”. We have all engaged ourselves in one or two interviews, and if you haven’t, then one of these fine days you might find yourself locked up in one especially if you have just finished college. Being sincere, the interview experience is one that always leaves you with something to remember or talk about, and in particular, if you were not well set. The nagging questions, the tension, the quietness and intimidating interviewers all guarantee you trauma and distress. Therefore, there’s no doubt that abortive job interviews always leaves us with the “Why”, the “How” and the “What” rhetoric questions that will definitely have no answers. For example, we certainly find ourselves questioning our abilities, experience and competence. Am I actually well trained and capable to deliver? Why did they single out some individuals as being unqualified? Why me? Such questions relentlessly leave you troubled and upset, and if worst comes to worst, you might end up thinking of committing suicide because of low self esteem.


One thing for sure that needs to be addressed once and for all is that we all deserve to be subjected to equal treatment. That’s very true. We all have equal rights to be interviewed and given job opportunities we solemnly seek. On the contrary, we also have to admit that we must be properly qualified and well-groomed in order to be considered. We must be ready to outwit our competitors by being prepared to beat them at their own game. And the only sure way of doing that is having a well stipulated and written C.V.

With the current influx of college students in India, who in most cases are job seekers, I must admit that one needs to have a superior C.V to be competitive. In simple terms, you must be able to hand in to your interviewer or manager that short, unique but comprehensive C.V. The formatting must also be up to date with less ambiguity. Most managers, I’m afraid to say, nowadays give priority to job applicants with good C.Vs. This is so because we are leaving in an era where technology is the ultimatum. Everything is about gmail, yahoo, Facebook, twitter, Google, eBay and so on. Therefore, you must be ready to provide that eye-catching and outstanding C.V that will keep all your employers longing to get your services.

We actually have solutions to all your problems. You no longer have to hand in batches of C.Vs, which in most cases go unnoticed, while seeking for employment. We write quality, attention-grabbing and advanced C.Vs that guarantees you employment once you have enrolled with us. Our C.Vs address all key issues employers consider when recruiting new staff members ranging from age, academic qualification, gender, ambitions and hobbies to work experience.  We most importantly take into consideration the demands of our clients, for example, how they would wish their C.Vs to look like or what they feel should be incorporated in their C.V to increase their chance of getting employed.  We are really the best in the industry.

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