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5 Tips to Prepare for that First ‘Real’ Job Interview
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5 Tips to Prepare for that First ‘Real’ Job Interview

Imagine this. A set of 6-7 well turned out, straight faced people sitting in an interview panel noticing each word you blurt, noticing every move of yours and enjoying your nervousness to every bit. This is enough a situation for anybody to get a fits of conculsion. But if you are smart enough and have done your homework properly, it is agreed that you will create a lasting impression on your interviewers. Here are five tips-

  1. Dress code. Dress up formally. Dress up smartly. These are the two mantras. There are offices which are quite conservative and they demand you to dress up in the most formal ways. And there are industries like retail where you have some freedom to experiment. A pair of sneakers or baggy denims is just no-no in an interview. Since you are unaware of the people in the interview panel, it is suggested that you play-it-safe.

  2. Carry a neat look. A neat and tidy look is bound to create a positive impression on the interviewers. Never reach an interview in un- ironed clothes or unkempt hair. Your first impression will be the stepping stone towards a successful interview and that first impression is your appearance. So be well turned out in an interview.

  3. Watch your body language. Your body conveys a lot of things to the interviewers. The way you gesture your hand to explain something or the number of times you make an eye contact with the interviewer tells a lot about your confidence. To have a positive impact in an interview you should exhibit a good body language like offer a firm handshake in the beginning of meeting, keep your shoulders straight and your posture erect. Also do not fidget with your accessories.

  4. Prepare yourself beforehand. A good strategy for any interview is to go prepared. You must research about the vacancy and the job responsibilities associated with that. You must also find out about the company from their official website. Once the interviewer knows that you have researched about their company, he would immediately know that you are genuinely interested in the job opening.

  5. Be alert during the interview. An alert and agile candidate can only become a responsible employee. Be active and forthcoming in any interview.  Your presence of mind and your alertness will surely impress an interviewer.

Do remember jobs do not land always to the most qualified candidate, but to the one who is willing to learn and prove himself in the new and challenging environment.  A first impression surely makes a lasting one.

Best of luck,

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