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If going  to office everyday in the morning does not excite you and you want to be your own boss then being a work from home entrepreneur is just for you. Sitting at home and carrying  your business requires a lot and the first thing that is needed is a strong networking. Here are a few tips to help you polish your networking skills.

1. Your Board of Directors

Once you have scanned the market and you have zeroed down to one particular line of business, you require a team to work with you. You require experienced and qualified people to appreciate your efforts and compliment your efforts with their innovative ideas. Sometimes they will see the best in you which you might be oblivion to. To have your own board of directors, you can think to network with almost anybody you feel  apt for your business. There is a theory of six degrees which says that any two people in this world are separated by not more than five connections between them. That means there are not more than five connected people between two unknown people. So with this first networking theory, expand your network.



2. Join Networking Sites/Organisations

As an entrepreneur you ought to network with others and see how your business can expand. For this you can join networking organizations or sites which operate in your line of business. Go there and meet people. Talk to them and find out their business and associations.

But before that frame your own goals and where you want to go. Ask yourself a set of questions like what is your goal, how many hours you want to work in a week, where do you want to live, how would you sustain without a job. Find out your Financial Freedom. Financial Freedom is the minimum amount of money that you require to sustain yourself. Also look if your business will be able to generate at least financial freedom for you in the initial stages.

3. Reach Out to People

With your goals in place you reach out to people. Fix a meeting with them or call them for a cup of tea. While meeting them show interest in their business and ask them what is the single thing that they would like to take help on and you will immediately find them opening up. There is a rule of reciprocity which tells that you give more and you get more. Once you show interest in helping them out they would be bound to help you out. Be polite and courteous.

4. Strategic Partnership

One of the fastest way to earn money is to create a partnership or joint venture with some body. Joint venture is a concept where in two people can join their businesses to reap profits together. If you know two connections who need some complimentary help, just join them. So every time their business generates profit, you will be entitled a part of it. this is also known as Mailbox money where in you are not working actively yet gaining.

5. Pen Down Everything

Develop a practice of penning down everything from the initial stages. This will help you to be methodical and you will have your goals and plans in front of you written. You will be effective if you have a written plan with you. Plan everything like how often you want to go out for networking or how much is your budget for networking.

6. Enroll for Seminars and Training Sessions

This serves a two-pronged strategy. Firstly  by attending seminars you will keep yourself abreast with the latest trend and developments. Your skills and your knowledge will also keep getting updated. Secondly in seminars you will meet like minded and specialized people. Develop a practice of exchanging you business card with at least three people. Introduce yourself and show genuine interest in their business. Also ask the organizer for the list of participants. See if somebody can help you in your business. Request the organizer to introduce you. Attend these seminars with your goal per-determined. Know exactly what you have to talk and how many new associations that you should try to establish. With your plan in hand and confidence, you will surely be able to build strong network.


Best of luck,

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