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10 Career Change Myths
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10 Career Change Myths

We carry a lot of myths regarding a change in career. These myths hold us from dreaming. Let's find out the 10 career change myths.

Career Myth #1: You ought to have a "Practical" Career in order to Make a Living.

This myth that you cannot make a living by doing something that you are passionate about is deep rooted, though false. This myth roots from the fear of exploring the lesser known areas of jobs and drawing a respectable living from them. There are lesser known careers like coaching which people are passionately taking up and earning great.

Career Myth #2: Job Market is Tough.

The moment we hear words like economic downturn or slow economic growth, we start fearing that there will be lesser opportunities and hence finding a job would be difficult. This is a myth. with globalization, the market has opened up. In this open market, the economy keeps changing. How we shift jobs have changed  and also the hiring practices have changed. Just that we are not able to maintain pace with the fast changing scenario that we fear our jobs. So, adapt to the change and plunge forward. Jobs are plenty.


Career Myth #3: Changing Careers can be Risky.

If you have a  dream, then changing career will prove beneficial and not fatal. If you see the career progression of few successful people, you will find a change in career. They had a dream and they backed up their dream by action and so they were successful. It is more dangerous to keep sinking in the present career than not taking a plunge in the future.

Career Myth #4:  Back-up Plans are Compulsory.

Back up plans are good and methodical but sometimes methodical approach leads to the conservative approach and conservative approach ignores dreams and passions. So, rather than charting back up plan, follow your dream and you will achieve success.

Career Myth #5: Perfect Job for Everyone

Look what is not obvious. Perfect job is a state of mind. You might have achieved it without realizing it or you might be very close to achieving one, that opportunity took you some where else. Rather than dwelling into perfect job, think what makes you happy or how you can be perfect in a particular job. Once you excel yourself, you will achieve the perfect job.

Career Myth #6:  "What's the Best Thing for me to do?"

This is a very common question and the answer to this question will take you to plethora of options keeping you aghast. Rather than this ask yourself "what will make me happy".

Career Myth #7: If You dislike your Job, you're in the Wrong Career.

Really!!! If you don't like a job, probably you are not enjoying your current environment. May be the boss or the company or the colleagues. It does not mean that you have to change the career altogether. Shifting department or role or even company might calm your worry.

Career Myth #8:   Mission Statement are Must.

Not always true.You can proceed merrily and someday you will find your mission. Do not chase your mission. Enjoy what you do, show passion in your job and mission will fall in its place.

Career Myth #9:  A Career Epiphany

For most of us career epiphany is subtle whisper. As we trod the career path, our goal gets clear. we either want to follow that path or we leave that path. So there is nothing called career epiphany. No body other than you can find it for yourself.

Career Myth #10: Ignoring your career dissatisfaction will make it go away

Believe me it does not go away. What begins with random thoughts of dissatisfaction becomes nagging thoughts and then some day we fear that it is too late to bring a change. And for the rest of the life we live with that fear. So, address your dissatisfaction and you may find your happiness thus.


After reading above, you know that one or all of these myths have been holding you back, so what are you waiting for?


Best of luck,


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